Fudge – a deliciously happy accident

Fudge. This creamy confection is a popular addition in many of our food hampers, sweet hampers and Christmas gifts. A popular treat throughout the UK , with fudge shops galore permeating the delicious aroma of molten sugar across many seaside towns and tourist hot spots. Fudged it… they certainly did Selling such a fabulous product […]

Christmas Card

Are Christmas Cards out of fashion?

Christmas is around the corner with its traditions, surprise and magic atmosphere. Among all of them, Christmas cards used to send greetings to people who count for you, friends, relatives, colleagues, customers to convey all kind of feelings related to Christmas season. Christmas cards are usually exchanged the weeks before Christmas. They are not only […]

Royal Night Out

A really Royal Night Out

We take a good old look at the events surrounding the VE celebrations in 1945 and the real Royal Night Out…Imagine the courage of a nation, the struggle for basic every day survival. A lack of basic things, essential supplies, shortages and rations on basic food stuffs, like eggs, bread, milk and meat, even water […]

Nostalgic Nuptials continued…

The 70’s …Wow! Let face it there not a lot we can say about the 70’s, it was a pretty chaotic decade in terms of fashion… We can thank it though, for our love of Boho Chick… The 70s was the original Boho decade with Bell bottoms, beards and platforms. Mark Bolan inspired trouser suits, […]

Wedding Wives Tales

If you’re planning your big day and have had enough of organising the wedding of the year, why not take 5 minutes and have a quick read of our old wives tale. Ever wondered where the something old and something blue came from? Look no further, as here at Boutique Life we dream and sleep […]

Nostalgic Nuptials

If your bang in the middle of planning your own big day, have you ever wondered what it must have been like for our parents and grandparents to tie the knot all those years ago. We have taken a step back in time to see what where the trends of the real “vintage” nuptials. We […]

The Day The Nation Celebrated

Imagine the courage of a nation, the struggle for basic everyday survival. A lack of basic things; essential supplies, rations and shortages of basic foodstuffs like eggs, bread, milk and meat – even water in which to bathe was rationed to five inches. This is the story of ordinary men and women, our grandmothers and […]

The Queen’s Big Night Out

‘The Queen’s Big Night Out’ is scheduled to air on Channel 4 at 9pm on Tuesday 28th April, and Boutique Life’s fashion and nostalgia blogger – Chrissy Price – is extremely jubilant about the evening’s viewing. The Queen’s Big Night Out is said to be a historic, informative and unprecedented account of what happened that night […]

Anzac Biscuits 100 years on!

Anzac is the term given to troops during the Great War, for the combined service personnel of “Australia” and “New Zealand” troops who were sent to the Gallipoli peninsula in the First World War. This month sees the 100th Anniversary of the Anzacs and their struggle to survive the bombardment and retreat from the peninsula. […]

Your favourite dragon this Saint Georges Day?

 Have you slain your favourite dragon this Saint Georges Day? Good old Saint George is the Patron saint of England. His emblem is the Red Cross on Saint George on a white background and makes up a part of the Union Flag. St George was also adopted by Richard the Lionheart and the Knights Templars back in […]