Mother’s Day – A History

Every year Mother’s Day comes along, a day to celebrate mums all around the UK. But why do we mark the day? And why does the date change in the UK each year? Mothering Sunday History Mothering Sunday falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent – exactly 3 weeks before Easter Day. It was a […]

Introducing – Florist Choice Bouquets

Stuck on what to order? Our expert florists span the entire length and width of the UK and have years of experience behind them, ready to create the perfect bouquet for your loved ones, friends and family. By selecting one of the bouquets above you are letting the florist have complete artistic control over what […]

How to remove pollen stains from clothes and household items

So, you’ve received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and you feel so happy. In this stunning creation, there are maybe some flowers such as lilies that contain a lot of pollen. You maybe had a former bad experience with some pollen stains in your clothes or carpets. With our tips, this will soon no longer […]

Why 12 Red Roses? Valentine’s Flowers 2017

What is the significance of 12 red roses? So why do we send 12 Red roses for Valentine’s Day, and what is the significance? Ever wondered why in particular we heavily focus on one specific flower, one specific colour and 12 in particular – then here is why … Did you know that for years, […]

Strawberry in rose shape – How to guide with pictures

It is time to discover something new, original, fresh and more importantly greedy: strawberries on a stick! Possibly one of the best things to find whilst browsing the web. The fruity alternative to ice is not only low in calories but still remains at 30 degrees in the form – at least for a certain […]

How do flowers and plants resist the winter?

Winter is here with cold temperatures, frost and even snow in some areas. We as human shiver with cold and curl up. But do plants have the same reflex? How do plants, flowers and trees withstand the winter? For indoor plants it’s easier and some outdoor plants can be kept inside in a safe place […]

How to decorate your house with Christmas Arrangements

Decorating your house with Christmas arrangements The end of the year is coming close, and the days are short. This can mean only 1 thing: It is time to make your house extra cosy with Christmas decorations! Besides traditional decorations like Christmas trees, garlands and the nativity scene, Christmas arrangements are also a popular way […]


Poinsettia and Christmas Tradition

Thinking about Christmas coming soon, we interviewed some of our customers in a competition where they had to nominate their favourite Christmas flower. We were not very surprised to see that for 8 out of 10 people, poinsettia is the Christmas flower. Extremely popular in the US, in Canada and Mexico, the poinsettia called also […]

Orchid DIY Christmas decoration

It’s never too early to think about next Christmas table decoration. We know that Christmas Holidays is a busy period and we have planned an early Christmas workshop. The idea of this DIY Christmas decoration is to create a unique & sparkling case to welcome lovely orchids. Vanda, phalaenopsis and cymbidium are among the favourite […]

Christmas Cactus

A Christmas cactus is a succulent gift idea!

If you look for a nice gift to someone special, we recommend this lovely seasonal plant, the Schlumbergera. You probably know both the amaryllis and poinsettia, the favourite Christmas flowers. But let give it a chance to the schlumbergera. Ok this is quite difficult to pronounce, that’s true! But when you know that it’s commonly […]