Mother’s Day – A History

Every year Mother’s Day comes along, a day to celebrate mums all around the UK. But why do we mark the day? And why does the date change in the UK each year?

Mothering Sunday History

Mothering Sunday falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent – exactly 3 weeks before Easter Day. It was a day when people would visit their ‘mother church’ – this was either the place they had been baptised or their local place of worship. Anyone who did this was said to have ‘gone a’ mothering’. In later times domestic servants were granted leave on this day to do the same. Because this was their only day off during the year, it made the day an opportunity for families to get together.

Mothering Sunday Flowers

Eventually, the religious tradition evolved to resemble the day we celebrate today, where children give a gift to their mother. Traditionally, flowers would be picked on the way home to visit mum, which is why the link between Mother’s Day bouquets remains so strong.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We have a dazzling selection of Mother’s Day bouquets, which can make selecting the perfect petals a little tricky. With this in mind, we have selected our top three favourite bouquets…

Dazzling Tulips










A great value bunch that’s simple yet stunning. Lovingly arranged by hand, the freshest purple and lilac tulips create this beautiful hand-tied bouquet that will fill mum with the joys of spring.

Thanks Mum










Breaking away from traditional powder pink blooms, this stunning pink and magenta bouquet features cheerful cerise gerberas, lush pink roses, and purple alstroemeria. A beautifully dramatic display your mum will love.

Candy Floss










Perfect for mums who love pottering around in the garden, this blousy bouquet of delicate pink and cerise blooms has a wild, garden-gathered feel, that really brings the outdoors indoors.


Which bouquet would your mum love?



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