Fudge – a deliciously happy accident

Fudge. This creamy confection is a popular addition in many of our food hampers, sweet hampers and Christmas gifts. A popular treat throughout the UK , with fudge shops galore permeating the delicious aroma of molten sugar across many seaside towns and tourist hot spots.

Fudged it… they certainly did

Selling such a fabulous product got us to thinking ‘where is this sugary treat from?’ Rummaging through the history books we found it is most likely an American invention, named after a very happy accident. Whilst making a batch of caramels, the chef over cooked them, leaving them, literally,“fudged”.

When was fudge invented?

Delving deeper into the archives it turns out that fudge was first sold during 1886, in Baltimore, for 40 cents a pound. By 1890, 14 kg of the stuff was made for an American women’s college senior auction. Following this, the recipe became increasingly popular across other women’s colleges in the United States, with each developing their own versions and fudge recipes. From chocolate to peanut butter fudge and all varieties in between.

So, just remember…

the next time you’re enjoying this delicious treat from one of our hampers, thank the confectioner who fudged their work!

With love ihampers x

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