How To Create A Bee House (Or Bee&Bee)

We recently wrote about the decline of Bees around the world and the affect it would have on us as a species and we received a lot of requests asking us to create a guide on how to build a Bee shelter we discussed.

Creating a Bee shelter is a simple task that can be made with household items for the more basic shelters and aftercare is relatively easy. We have seen many Bee houses for sale online, but they are mainly decorative as they do not have all the key features needed to successfully protect your garden Bees.

The bee house (Or Bee B&B) we will be building today aims at attracting solitary bees, which unlike honeybees and as their name suggests, like to make their own nests. We are simply giving them a safe and controlled area to lay their eggs.

You will need:
Nails or Screws

Planks of wood, size depending on how large or small you would like to build
Bamboo canes
Untreated logs or hardwood


– To start with, build either a rectangular or square box that is open at the front and closed at the back, using your planks of wood, nails or screws.
– (Optional) Paint the box a bright colour, this will attract the bees to your bee house.
– You will then need to start filling your bee house with bamboo canes, reeds and untreated logs or hardwood which is where the bees will hopefully come to nest and lay their eggs.
– Once you have filled your new bee house, fit it to a secure location, such as a wall or fence, between 1-2 metres from the floor making sure it is not in direct sunshine, but also not too cold. You want to avoid any damp spaces or areas.
– The last step is to sit back and enjoy your hard work, knowing that you are both helping the bee population and also help your garden by bringing these magnificent creatures to your garden.

As you can see from the images, Bee houses come in many shapes and forms – You can go as big or as small as you wish.

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