Why 12 Red Roses? Valentine’s Flowers 2017

What is the significance of 12 red roses?

So why do we send 12 Red roses for Valentine’s Day, and what is the significance?

Ever wondered why in particular we heavily focus on one specific flower, one specific colour and 12 in particular – then here is why …

Did you know that for years, in fact even centuries Roses have been highly regarded as a superior cut flower, highly scented and one of nature’s most beautifully hand crafted items. The rose is known to represent beauty, lust, love and romance, but the colour too, plays an important role.

But, why red I hear you ask, and why send 12? Well the answer is very simple, –

Red is a very strong and visual colour – packed with emotion and feeling. It can often be seen as energetic, powerful and assertive, not to mention contrasting feelings of both anger and passion, lust, malice and danger. Is that perhaps why they say love and hate are a very similar thing indeed?

Research shows that the colour red “can create physical effects such as elevated blood pressure, enhanced libido, increased respiratory rates, enhanced metabolism, increased enthusiasm, higher levels of energy, and increased confidence”.

The meaning of different colours and different flowers can be very different depending on the culture. In some cultures, red represents purity, joy, and celebration and is a traditional colour worn by brides. “In China, red is used for good luck and represents happiness and prosperity. In South Africa, red is the colour of mourning and in Russia red is associated with communism because red was used in the flag when they overthrew the Tsar. In the United States, red, when combined with white and blue represent patriotism and pride of their country”.

The colour red is a highly visual colour, often used in everyday situations to gain people’s attention quickly. Fire trucks and traffic lights use the colour red to engage quickly with people and alert them of possible danger.

Red is also often used in national flags and for special occasions, like for example a ‘VIP red carpet’.  Known also to represent bravery and courage, red is a very meaningful colour indeed.

 But why send 12? –

 The reason why the tradition is to send 12 red roses for Valentine’s Day, is to represent the love for your partner, all year through – one rose for every month.

What gifts NOT to send this Valentine’s?


Here is a definitive list ‘of what not to send this Valentine’s’ – What will most certainly be a turn-off and not a turn on! Want to make the right impression this Valentine’s then follow our top 5 gifts of what not to buy?!  (Ps – In brackets is what she really thinks of the unwanted gifts!)

Most unromantic gifts –

Power tool or drill – (Only my dad would appreciate this!)

Lawn Mower – (That’s your job!)

Floor steamer – (Like I don’t do enough cleaning!)

Trip to a model railway – (How amusing! – Not!)

Petrol station roses – (A definite no go!) – Absolutely no go!!

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