Strawberry in rose shape – How to guide with pictures

It is time to discover something new, original, fresh and more importantly greedy: strawberries on a stick! Possibly one of the best things to find whilst browsing the web.

The fruity alternative to ice is not only low in calories but still remains at 30 degrees in the form – at least for a certain time. Because we love flowers, we bring the strawberries in rose shape. The result is an amazing strawberry-rose bouquet!


Here is what you need for strawberry lollies

  • strawberries
  • wooden sticks
  • knife
  • fork
  • cutting board
  • Vase or tall vessel
  • Tact and patience

How to make the strawberries in Rose shape

1. After you’ve washed all the strawberries, you can get started with the first strawberry. Impale the strawberry on its underside on a fork.
2. Set the diameter about the first third of the strawberry and formed the first sheet with oblique cuts about a centimetre down.

diy_strawberry_rose_23. Now you turn the cut part with the flat side of the knife slightly outward.
4. Repeat the two steps three times at the same height
5. Set the knife now slightly higher, and cuts are added to the first row of sheets of a second blade row.
6. now splits the top of the strawberry and bends them slightly apart.

7. Impale the underside of your strawberry in rose shape on wooden sticks and arrange them in a vase. If you don’t have a suitable vase at hand, you can also simply use other vessels for your strawberries rose shape such high drinking glasses or old glass bottles.

We added some yummy chocolate over the top of the strawberries and that led to massive smiles and even better reactions! The only thing missing from the treat was a glass of sparkling wine, it was a shame we found these so late in the year – they would have been brilliant in the summer.

You see, it only takes a few clever handles and you already have the perfect decoration for your next party. Right now in the summertime, if you are celebrating a birthday in your own garden or in the park, the strawberry roses are a real treat. Surprise your friends and inspire them with this sweet attention. Even for romantic occasions, these special roses are very good, because love goes through the stomach, doesn’t it?

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