What Flowers To Send This Mother’s Day

Flowers are a very touching sentiment, sent for many reasons, celebrations or occasions. Florists are said to be in the ‘birth, death and romance’ business and because of this, flowers are sent for many reasons.

But what do the flowers that you send really mean and what should you be sending for Mother’s day?

Rose –  Not just a St Valentine’s favourite but an annual choice as the perfect flower. The red Rose means I love you. It’s the symbol of England and St George. It is by far the symbol of love and by far the most popular flower given in the dozens on February the 14th, but aside from Valentines the rose itself signifies friendship, loyalty and trust. A perfect way to show love for your mum on ‘Mother’s day.

Sunflower – A classic all-time favourite flower. Always smiling, always happy this lovely bloom signifies loyalty and these days let face it that can be hard to come by. It’s a favourite for Mother’s Day because of its simple beauty.

Iris – Signifies faith and hope. It’s and absolute flower favourite with its own unique quality and beauty. Choose from any of the three varieties, Bearded, Arid, and Beardless. So if you want to be different and unique then this is the obvious choice.

Wildflowers – With over 5,000 species. Their natural beauty are the understated choice for Mother’s Day. They have been given as love posies since medieval times and signify adoration.

Lilac – First brought to our vases in the middle of last century, it was introduced to Europeans in two colours, white and or lilac….They’re not the obvious choice for Mother’s Day as they are quite expensive, but hey you could spoil your mum this year!

Carnation – Means fascination, as a Carnation Nation, this is the UK’s biggest and best seller by far. An excellent flower, in the vase they have a long shelf life of up to three weeks…. Red Carnations are a very popular choice for Valentine’s Day, so if Cupids arrow is aimed in any direction then the red carnation which is associated with a woman’s love could be the gift of choice. For Mother’s day, we see pale pastel and pink shades become the favourite, a definite favourite of your grans too!

Orchid – Orchids are one of the largest plant families in the world. They are tropical, making them hot and passionate flowers. Often the wedding flower of choice, or worn as a corsage on the wrists – Orchids are confident and contemporary flowers often sent in bouquets of flowers to say ‘thank you’ and ‘missing you’.

Lily – With its simple meaning of beauty….The flowers of the gods. Cultivated in ancient Greece, and in Greek poetry the lily was affiliated with tenderness and was referred to as the voice of muses. Choose from red, white, pink, yellow, or gold. A favourite combination often chosen by mums and nans for Mother’s day has to be the Rose and Lily combination, loved for their sweet smell and long lasting nature, these really are a favourite that are loved by mums.

Tulip – Tulips are a keen favourite for Mother’s Day, available in various colours. A sure sign of warmer coming months, the Tulips signifies new life and the heralds of spring.

Daisy – Representing Innocence, loyalty, love and purity. Described by Chaucer in his writings as the ‘days eye’. Simply put the Daisy or Gerbera is a modern and popular choice for yummy mummies, this Mother’s Day.


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