5 reasons to send Flowers in February.

Why you should be sending flowers in the month of February –

‘Celebrate the seasonal blooms’ –

With all the excitement of Christmas and New Year, now a distant memory not to mention the dreaded January blues, why not take the opportunity to send flowers this February. Nothing is more satisfying that seeing the emergence of seasonal blooms appear each year through the changing seasons. February is a fabulous month to see stunning Larkspur, Liatris, vibrant Iris, Kangaroo Paw, delicate Paper white and fragrant Magnolia starting to emerge, so make the most of them folks! Spread the cheer and excitement as we welcome the spring months with open arms, and filled a loved one’s home with bright and vibrant blooms.

‘Show your love at Valentines’ –

How could we forget – St. Valentine’s Day – February is the month in which we celebrate and show our affection towards a loved one, typically represented by 12 beautiful red roses.

‘Say an extra Special thank you’ –

Typically January is a really hard month for most, you’ve just had a lot of expense with all the festive celebrations and sometimes we owe people an extra special thank you, for whatever that might be, – but what better way to show you care and show your appreciation that with a beautiful, hand-tied bouquet?

‘Make the most of your home’ –

 The start of spring and the New Year sees a lot of people move and sell their homes. Fresh flowers, coffee peculators and open log burners are a proven item that makes your house feel more appealing – so whether you are trying to sell or trying to put a little more thought into the deco in your own homes, why not add a bunch of seasonal blooms to the kitchen table or the hallway? – Who knows what might happen!

‘The element of surprise’ –

We start the New Year with the best intentions for resolutions and things we say we will no longer do! Sometimes the best things in life are a surprise and are therefore not planned – so why not surprise somebody close this February with a stunning bouquet ‘just because’ and show them you care the whole year through, after all, presents aren’t just for Christmas!

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