Recycling ideas for your Christmas decoration

You may think that you still have some time before Christmas but it’s never too early to think of your Christmas decoration. Especially if you are this type of crafty person still eager to surprise friends or family. If you are used to following our blog, you know that we do care about protecting the environment. We indeed think that it’s important to change things now with simple actions. You probably wonder how to make this festive Holiday Season a bit greener? Why not try making recycled Christmas decorations to surprise your friends and guests with a real homemade masterpiece.

Follow the recycling trend this Christmas

That’s a fact, protecting the environment should not only be a one-shot action but we need to change our minds as well as our ways of doing. The Holiday Season is really perfect for that too. That’s a family time when it’s a tradition to decorate the house, with indoor and outdoor material. This is a gift period and there are lots of ways to reuse waste paper, scrap fabric or random things from around the home and garden. All these activities are certainly not just for kids! At the end, this is also a very interesting way to save money. Reuse, recycle instead of buying new things.

How can I reuse stuff to create something original this Christmas?

Soon all the country will be covered in fairy lights, tinsels, strange Santas trying to climb in house’s front. Decorated Christmas trees, Christmas markets with lots of more or less hand-made items are invading our cities. Isn’t that the magic of Christmas? If you prefer real handmade decoration and/or sensitive to protect our environment, we have gathered a list of recycled decoration ideas very easy to make.

  • Little festive candle lanterns from old til cans
  • A tiny door wreath made with
  • Glittering lightbulb
  • Hand decorative streamers made with gold, silver wrapping papers, perfect for a New Year party decoration
  • Wrap books with your favourite seasonal wrapping paper to give a unique touch to your cooking book for example
  • Use empty matchboxes as a Christmas tree ornaments tinsel or hangover

We wish you a very happy Holiday Season. We hope these ideas inspire you to share fun and happy moment with your family. Don’t miss our Christmas DIY and create your own Christmas decoration.

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