How to decorate your house with Christmas Arrangements

Decorating your house with Christmas arrangements

The end of the year is coming close, and the days are short. This can mean only 1 thing: It is time to make your house extra cosy with Christmas decorations! Besides traditional decorations like Christmas trees, garlands and the nativity scene, Christmas arrangements are also a popular way of bringing warmth into homes. Yet, there are alot different places to put a Christmas arrangement, and at least as many ways to create one. Here you can read everything about the Christmas arrangement trends of 2016.

When to start decorating your house?

This an often heard question, and perhaps you still don’t know the answer to it. It is very likely you are not completely sure, because the starting date strongly depends on where you are living! In most countries Christmas decorations and arrangements are put up at the end of November or early December. This usually goes together with the start of Advent. In the United States however, people usually start after Thanksgiving. In the Netherlands ‘Sinterklaas’ (a tradition similar to Christmas) is celebrated first, so there people will start decorating for Christmas after 5 December. Of course there are also a lot of people who are crazy about Christmas and start decorating already in the first week of November. Everything is possible!

Christmas arrangements

Traditionally Christmas flower arrangements are created with the typical Christmas flower poinsettia and some pine cones. Also arrangements with greenery on the bottom and a red or white candle in the middle are still very popular. These can still be found in many houses, but of course it is really easy to give these traditional Christmas arrangements a modern touch.

A Christmas arrangement hanging on the door


There’s no better way of welcoming guests, and yourself, than with a beautiful (handmade) Christmas wreath on the front door. The possibilities are endless, as you can just use the materials you like. You can use fresh greenery like ivy, pine boughs, eucalyptus sprays, ferns and box hedges together with some Christmas decorations on a wire coat hanger. Or go all the way with flowers, greenery, pine cones, baubles and glitters on floral foam.

In your garden or on the balcony


You thought you couldn’t decorate anything else after finishing inside the house? Think again! Also the garden or balcony can be turned into a lovely holiday decor. The deep red colours will immediately bring a nice, warm Christmas feeling into your garden. Small red apples, hypericum and roses for example work really well together in any shape you prefer.

Christmas arrangements on the dinner table


Depending on the size and shape of your table, a centrepiece can really give the dining table a little extra. These Christmas arrangements are often rather low, so everyone is still able to see each other during dinner.

Ready to decorate your house with some nice floral Christmas arrangements? Let’s get creative!

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