Christmas Card

Are Christmas Cards out of fashion?

Christmas is around the corner with its traditions, surprise and magic atmosphere. Among all of them, Christmas cards used to send greetings to people who count for you, friends, relatives, colleagues, customers to convey all kind of feelings related to Christmas season. Christmas cards are usually exchanged the weeks before Christmas. They are not only confined to Christian people as many in the world exchange cards whatever their religious backgrounds. After a huge decrease of paper cards the last two decades in favour of digital cards, the last two years have shown a trend back to printed cards.

History of Christmas Cards

The custom of sending Christmas cards started in the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole and illustrated by his friend John Callcott Horsley. Together they designed the first card and sold 1000 pieces of them for 1 shilling each. By the early 1900s, the custom of sending Christmas cards had spread over Europe and became very popular in Germany, the country of Christmas! Christmas cards appeared in the US in 1840. Yet very few people could afford them as they were extremely expensive. In 1875 a German printer, Mr Prang who worked in the UK on the original cards, started the mass production. Thus with cheaper prices, more people could buy them. The 1st cards rarely featured religious theme or winter, but flowers, plants and children.

Nowadays cards have all kinds of pictures, ranging from romantic nostalgic scenes of the past, to winter pictures, Santa Claus, religious, humoristic or charity theme.

Am I out fashioned if I send Christmas cards?

The idea with these cards is to share Christmas spirit and values. Let people know how valuable they are and help them to feel remembered. Is it really an out of fashion feeling? People who receive Christmas cards like to display them and show them, because it’s a sharing moment. We see that many companies and corporate business also have their own commercial Christmas cards, the purpose there is more to maintain the social network with their customers and develop the brand awareness. The most important is to make someone happy and show how you care.

Be trendy, offer your Christmas greetings with a card

Due to technology many people prefer to send an e-Christmas card, just write an email or phone. We now see that the trend to something more personal and unique is slowly coming back. If you ask yourself if you will send a card, just remember that receiving a card is an appreciated surprise and a happiness booster. Don’t you like receiving surprise yourself? In all the emails received every day, most of them you don’t have the time to read in details. With a real card, this is a very fresh feeling. Imagine how your grandmother will be happy and proud to show a card? The other reason is to give time to others. We all have a terrible busy life. Taking the time to write manually a nice Christmas card is a sign that you care and keep the loved ones and friends in the loop with something more personal than a tweet or a facebook post. Create a customised card to be even more original.

Did you know?

In 1945 were launched the most popular Christmas card from Unicef. Christmas proved to be a very good time for charity and not only with the cards themselves but also seals or stickers. This custom started in Denmark in the 1900s when a postal worker had the idea to decorate the stickers used to seal the card envelopes and to sell them to raise money for charity.  More than 4 million were sold the first year! Very quickly Sweden and Norway adopted this custom and spread it to the rest of Europe and in the US.

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