What is your birthday flower?

Like birthstones, each month has also a flower to choose from that can be connected to the season, colour or atmosphere.  This is not something really new as the Romans already had the tradition centuries ago to offer a specific flower according to the month of birth. In case you don’t have any idea when it comes to birthday flowers, check our monthly suggestion and surprise your friend or relative with a birthday flower delivery.

Birthday flower by month:

January : Carnation

By offering a bouquet with carnations you are in perfect tune with the spirit of pride, beauty, admiration. A rich and colourful flower, small or big that will suit a birthday bouquet. Birthstone for January is garnet. There are several carnations with this dark red or burgundy colour that match perfectly the garnet in case you want to mix your birthday gift with flowers and stones. Do you know the new green carnation “green tick”? this amazing flower is a but brushy and perfect in bouquet to create something original.

February : Violet & Iris

In flower language, violet is the symbol for fidelity, humility and purity. Isn’t it a perfect flower to celebrate a friend’s birthday? Mixed in a plant garden with pansies, primroses or alone,  violets always bring joy,  a touch of softness and above all you let someone know that you will be always there for him or her. As a cut flower, you can offer Iris in February. Iris also has a symbol of faith and valour.

March: Daffodil

March is spring, rebirth of nature. The daffodil is the perfect flower in March as it has the symbol of rebirth, new start and unequalled love. If you are searching for a stunning birthday gift, you can trust the great effect of daffodils, like a sunshine and energy booster! You can offer them in big bouquet or in a mixed hand-tied bouquet. This flower has a double advantage as you can find them either as a cut flower in bouquet or as a bulb in plant arrangement for example in a tête à tête presentation. Nice idea as a birthday flowers for someone you want to impress or someone who deserves a special attention.

April: Daisy & Sweet pea

Full spring time, days becoming longer & brighter, this month needs flowers with large possibilities of colours to bring happiness, fun, childlike joy. With its large colour palette and forever-young attitude, the daisy or gerbera is a perfect flower for April. The daisy is also the symbol of innocence, love and purity. In flower language offering a daisy means that you’ll keep a secret, making it a perfect gift idea for a sincere friendship. Sweet peas are also found as April’s flower as a symbol of blissful pleasure, simplicity and innocence.

May: Lily & lily of the valley

This May’s flower is full of symbol. Lilies have always had an attractive power. Back to Ancient Greece, while lilies were considered as sprouted from the milk of Hera, in Middle Age it was associated to the Virgin Mary and became also the symbol of French Kings. While lily represents virtue, innocence, noble feelings, purity of heart. An excellent gift to someone you really care about. Regarding lily of the valley, this very seasonal flower means sweetness, humility and happiness. This is also a flower that is supposed to bring you luck especially if you find a stem with 13 flowers! A very appreciated birthday gift.

June: Rose

The rose has such an attractive power and so many meanings! As the symbol of love, passion, beauty, perfection, the rose is the queen of all flowers. Colour or number of roses are important in flower language.  White as purity, rose as softness, red for love, yellow for jealousy, orange for admiration or enthusiasm… there are so many feelings that you can express with roses. If you offer a single flower, it enhances the effect of the meaning whereas more than 12 flowers is a sign of gratitude. So as a birthday gift, you will never be wrong with roses, it’s up to you to decide the symbol you may link to it!

July: Delphinium

Delphinium is also known as larkspur. This lush, dolphin-shaped flower is the symbol of an open heart and ardent attachment, like a strong bonds of love or friendship. Delphinium brings lots of fresh feelings to summer time and is a perfect gift idea to bring to a birthday party. They are available in several colours but they are very beautiful in blue which is perfect in summer theme like a touch of sea breeze.

August: Gladiola

As a symbol of sincere feelings, strength and moral integrity the gladiola is a flower that you can for sure offer to a friend for a birthday bouquet. Literally from the latin “gladius” meaning sword, this sword-shaped flower may also “pierce with love” the recipient’s heart. This proud long stem flower is very elegant in tall arrangement or bouquet and is often used to decorate buffet for birthday parties in summer. Large variety of colours makes it perfect for him or for her.

September: Aster

Aster is the symbol flower for patience, trust, courage and powerful love. When offering a bouquet with asters, you send a strong sign of affection to the recipient. A great birthday floral gift that will be very appreciated because of the beauty and lush of asters. This elegant flower is a bit mystic and many people are (still) thinking that asters have magical powers. While burning the leaves, the perfume was supposed to drive away evil.

October: Marigold

In autumn nature is burning, forests and gardens become red, orange or brown. This enchanting view is reflecting in this month’s flower, the marigold which is full of energy in autumn landscape and shorter days. This is the symbol for grace and affection, sometimes compassion. Marigolds can also be seen as a sign of serenity and warm friendship or undying love.

November: Chrysanthemum

Unlike people often see chrysanthemum as funeral flowers, they are on the contrary symbol of optimism and happiness, so very far from cemetery image! They are even symbol of sun and noble feelings. In Japan, chrysanthemum are like sacred flowers, petals representing perfection. Didn’t you know that in flower language red chrysanthemum means I love you? For your birthday surprise, don’t be afraid if your florist includes chrysanthemum or santinis in your floral gift! You now see how powerful this flower is! You have a large choice of bouquet, arrangement or plants for a very special birthday gift.

December: Poinsettia

This is winter, long night, nature is sleeping but Christmas is coming! Poinsettia known as the Christmas star is an excellent gift for a birthday in December and not only for Christmas. Available in early December in all flower shops, this amazing plant is the symbol for good cheer, happiness, celebration and will find its place naturally whatever the decoration style. People celebrating birthday in December will be very happy with a red or white or pink poinsettia.

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