Some Good Summer Gifts

With the summer in full swing, the sun shine and after sun being used in great quantity we have pulled together some of our best summer gifts for a friend, family member or loved one.

Summer is not just a time for lying in the roasting sun with factor 50 sun cream on and slowly becoming a leather hand bag, it is also the time to enjoy it with friends and family members. I for one will be partaking in as many BBQs as physically possible, come the occasional shower or not, but I found that visiting friend and family members alike who spend a lot of their time to prepare their house and food for in time for your arrival that I felt really bad arriving empty handed. Usually I ask if there is anything I need to bring along, such as a food dish or a couple of drinks, but 9/10 the host would say “don’t worry it is fine”. But it was not until a friend put the idea in my head that sending a gift after will speak wonders as a thank you. Then the quest began…

Summer Gifts

Everybody is different in their tastes of course, so I felt that a good safe bet would be a gift hamper or even simpler (and slightly cheaper) sending a bouquet of flowers to the address or work place.  Not only will either speak volumes to the hosts but will almost certainly get you an invite back.

I have a number of friends who are moving house and the timely arrival of a hand delivered bouquet worked wonders, and they aren’t as expensive as you think. I found some great value bouquets on iFlorist for under £20. And once they were delivered, for FREE, the recipients sent me a lovely message to say thanks. So I tested this theory out with an after event gift. This time I used a hamper. Similar price as the bouquet but I can assure you it went down wonders. iHampers popped up as a company with great service rating and not to mention the added bonus of a UK call centre.

So just having a quick glance over these 2 websites I have found some favourites.

A couple of bouquet which seem cheap but still looked good were:

Bakewell Tart Starburst

And the same can be said for the hampers.

Non AlcoholicThe Tea Tray - ihampers

I found the bouquets were the best summer gift. Not only did they bloom brilliantly but they also brought the intended response. I got an invite to the next one!! Seeing as I spent £15 on some flower and must of eaten more than that (not to mention the sun cream usage), I will certainly be doing it again! Just make sure you have an idea when they are going to be in. Having the flowers returned to the post office is never ideal!!

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