Wicked plants – not so beautiful!

We all look at plants and flowers as being a beautiful asset to our gardens and homes. We all love a natural beauty for example; the garden rose, daisies, tulips and poppies etc, but I should warn you…not all plants are beautiful, some can even be extremely dangerous! There are hundreds of plants out there that I would strongly advise you to stay firmly away from they are all very toxic and some can even be made into poison .. imagine that.. being murdered by a plant! It is fair to say looks can be deceiving.

Wicked Plants

The first plant I shall warn you about is in my opinion the worst… its name is Aconitum. This plant has in fact killed thousands of people already! I would defiantly say its the most hated plant in Britain, as the Nazis actually used it as an ingredient to make the bullets in their guns poisoned!


Sago palm– One of the most toxic plants. Dogs and cats are known to chew on the bark of this plant and become ill and eventually die. All parts of the plant are toxic and many dog owners are unaware of just how dangerous it is to there pets. Sago palm is a common plants to have either in your garden or actually in your home. It can also be dangerous to children so I would defiantly advise not planting one of these.


Castor beans- If you’ve seen the series Breaking Bad you’ll probably already know about this one.. ricin can be found naturally in castor beans or can be made using the left over material from processing the castor beans.


Cashew-  If you are a fan of the cashew nut, don’t get put of straight away.. cashew nuts are only poisonous if eaten completely raw. The ones we buy at the supermarket have been steamed first.


Mushrooms- There are 5000 types of mushrooms and 100 of them of them are toxic! So if you see wild mushrooms growing in your garden DO NOT EAT THEM… even if you are a mushroom lover, stick to supermarket stock!



Ivy-  The most well known poisonous plant. Its so common that most of us will see it in our everyday lives.. maybe its growing up the building at work? Or if your walking your dog you are extremely likely to come across it.. or even growing wildly in your own garden! Don’t worry however if you do come into close contact with it or accidentally manage to touch it.. it will NOT kill you. Ivy just causes the victim to come out in a horrible rash but the good news is it can be treated fairly easily.