Exclusive Tom Parker Recipe

Tom Parker, chef extraordinaire has shared his fantastic recipe for a summer Tomato and Flower Broth it is the perfect light dish for a seasonal soup, which uses ingredients from your garden to capture the taste of summer. Filled with flavour and colour, it looks and tastes just as beautiful as the flowers used to make it! Soup is not only for a cold winters day but it is equally as delicious on a long hot summers day.

This fabulous tomato and flower broth, recipe has been given to us exclusively, by the soon to be celebrity chef Tom Parker. We enjoyed an exquisite meal at the White Swan, in Fence, Lancashire,  so we can assure you first hand that this dish is truly mouth-watering. Tom claimed Young Chef of the Year in 2011, continues to impress with his culinary skills and use of new and flavoursome dishes every day at the White Swan. The friendly team at the White Swan are welcoming and hospitable, and the attention to detail coupled with the excellent service is enviable.


White Swan, 300 Wheatley Lane Road, Fence, BB12 9QA, 01282 611773, info@whiteswanatfence.co.uk.

The Recipe


To create this delicious recipe, you will need…

  • Fresh tomatoes,
  • Tomato juice,
  • Shallots,
  • White wine,
  • Salt and pepper,
  • Garlic,
  • Nasturtium flowers,
  • Borage flowers,
  • Viola flowers.


Cut up the shallots and put into the pan, add the fresh tomatoes and tomato juice, then start to reduce in the white wine. Add the garlic, salt and pepper for extra flavour. Bring it to simmer and leave for 2 hours to let all the flavours develop. Then dish up and serve with your freshly picked nasturtium, borage and viola flowers out of the garden. Enjoy!

Jay Rayner food critic for the Observer wrote,  “What matters most, is the presence in the kitchen of a young chef named Tom Parker. Right now he’s giving a masterclass in how to craft tight, compact menus to a budget – just three choices at each course – without sacrificing flavour, inventiveness or wit. Some of what he’s serving here is a minor bloody miracle.”