Wedding Wives Tales

If you’re planning your big day and have had enough of organising the wedding of the year, why not take 5 minutes and have a quick read of our old wives tale. Ever wondered where the something old and something blue came from? Look no further, as here at Boutique Life we dream and sleep all things weddings and our florists have taken the time to find out whether its fact or fiction.

1) Queen Victoria started the trend for a white wedding gown when she wed Prince Albert in 1840 – Brides beforehand had just gotten hitched in their Sunday Best Dress.

2) The reason veils are worn by brides on their wedding day is because the Ancient Greeks and Romans believed they kept out evil spirits.

3) The fourth ‘ring finger’ on your left hand is where we wear our engagement and wedding rings, but it was once thought that the tiny vein on this finger lead directly to the heart.

4) ‘Something old…something new… something borrowed… something blue!’ This actually hails from an Old English rhyme. Old offers continuity, something new offers optimism, borrowed means borrowed happiness, whilst the blue stands for purity, fidelity and love.

5) ‘Let them eat cake’, said Marie Antoinette, and we all know how well that ended! But wedding cake comes from the Roman tradition of breaking bread over the brides head. This was done for fertility so the happy couple would have plenty of off spring!