Nostalgic Nuptials

If your bang in the middle of planning your own big day, have you ever wondered what it must have been like for our parents and grandparents to tie the knot all those years ago. We have taken a step back in time to see what where the trends of the real “vintage” nuptials. We think you will be pleasantly surprised where some of our modern trends originate.


In the 40’s wedding rings for men became very fashionable, it was a way of keeping the couple connection going, in spite of the long separations during WW2. The 40’s were a time of real hardship that every family endured, but out of austerity came friendships and bonds that would last a lifetime. The 40’s saw birth of the original DIY bride. Money was so tight and supplies were limited with War time rationing, so our grandparents and great grandparents had to make do and mend. Net curtains and furnishing fabric were frequently used to make elaborate bridal gowns. The jitterbug and big band music was here to stay. Wedding Gowns were fashioned with square padded shoulders, tight nipped in waistlines, and a- line long skirts. Or if the happy couple were in uniform then so be it. Hair styles were pinned back in to rolls, and lips were red to brighten up the austere times.


When Elizabeth Taylor appeared in the film ‘Father of the Bride’, she started the craze of the decade when she wore a gown, which featured a sweetheart neckline.

Brides over the world went crazy for this style, which was designed by Alfred Angelo in Hollywood. The wedding glove also became an instant must have accessory for weddings. Made from a myriad of different fabrics such as lace, satin or tulle. Hemlines became shorter, known as Ballerina length, with a focus on the wedding shoe. Wedding gowns were often two piece with a tiny Bolero Jacket to cover the shoulders whilst in Church, and shoestring straps on the dress for the evening reception. Veils became shorter and simpler. Flowers were Carnations, Gyp amidst lots of curled satin ribbon. The fashion for men became a single button jacket and tapered trousers.


One weird and wonderful American Italian tradition we found just a little creepy, was the trend to have the bride presented with a porcelain doll in a matching miniature wedding dress…The doll was then given pride of place on the marriage bed. Yikes!

Cakes in the 50‘s truly were works of art, oodles of Royal icing, adorned with miniature French Poodles figurines and lots of flowers and sashes. Etiquette was very much the order of the day a perfect white damask table linen, Wedgewood china and crystal or if you couldn’t afford that cut glass was the cheaper option. 50’s nuptials were elegant, proper, and filled with decorum.



Wow the swinging sixties really were all about the fashion faux pas. Look back at granny’s wedding pics and ask your self are they just a little cringe worthy? The decade was really full of hippie chic and serious no no’s! Low and behold the iconic flower of the sixties was the Daisy. Daisies were incorporated in to everything, from the dress, the wedding flowers, the printed fabrics, even the cars, hats and bags, you couldn’t get enough of the wonderful daisy!

Traditional white affairs saw the hem line alter a little and the great trend, was the high waist Empire line dress, which was credited to the waif like Jean Shrimpton, not so flattering if you had a generous bosom! Pill box hats were the thing of the decade too,with shorter veils sewn under the brim to give off a domed bouffant look.