Chocolate dipped strawberries perfect for summer

Monday 1st June brought the first day of summer, and with that the opening of the strawberry season. It would be hard to argue against strawberries being one of the world’s favourite foods, but adding chocolate to the mix surely has to make them irresistible! Chocolate dipped strawberries are now a luxury that are affordable to everyone, and can create quite the talking point almost anywhere, whether it be over the dinner table or the picnic basket! Of course, chocolate dipped strawberries (often accompanied with champagne!) are a staple of the British summer sporting scene, with a whopping 28,000kg consumed during the Wimbledon fortnight alone. Luckily for you, it couldn’t be easier to get your hands on a box of home grown chocolate dipped strawberries from award winning gifting company iflorist, allowing you to enjoy your own slice of summer at home!

Wether you are buying pre-dipped strawberries, or dipping yourself, there’s something strangely satisfying about the whole process. Our resident expert dipper, Gabriella, who incidentally has a certificate to prove that this is a business to take seriously, says it’s important to keep both the strawberries and chocolate dry. The chocolate has to be ‘tempered’ at the right temperature so that the chocolate coats the fruit evenly. The Picked and Dipped delivery service has been tried and tested, with the strawberries being picked and then dipped literally within a couple of hours of picking, and then packaged on their way – ensuring we truly have encapsulated the very essence of British summer time. 

Whatever your event is this summer, from weddings to birthdays, anniversaries to a simple picnic, look no further than Picked and Dipped.