The Queen’s Big Night Out

‘The Queen’s Big Night Out’ is scheduled to air on Channel 4 at 9pm on Tuesday 28th April, and Boutique Life’s fashion and nostalgia blogger – Chrissy Price – is extremely jubilant about the evening’s viewing. The Queen’s Big Night Out is said to be a historic, informative and unprecedented account of what happened that night in 1945, when celebrations erupted throughout the world for V-E Day – Victory in Europe Day – or simply ‘V Day’ as it is also sometimes referred to.

Taking a step back in time, tears and rejoicing are said to be the theme of the detailed account which highlights one night’s activities which undoubtedly changed the world forever. Having coped with 6 long and gruelling years of war, to finally celebrate the end of World War 2 must have been a vast and unimaginable relief.

 It is documented that more than one million people celebrated in the streets, far and wide, to mark the end of the war. In London, crowds formed in their masses, in and amongst Trafalgar Square and up to the Mall to reach Buckingham Palace, where excited crowds were greeted by King George, Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, Princess Elizabeth (the future Queen Elizabeth II), along with her sister Margaret.

Princess Elizabeth

Elizabeth and Margaret were both granted permission by their father to leave Buckingham Palace in order to join the celebrations. Wandering incognito amongst the crowds and doing the conga with the ‘normal’ folk, it was the one night which the Queen, her sister and her entourage – said to consist of 14 other members of the Royal household, including Margaret Rhodes, the Queen’s cousin and Lord Porchester – could party like the rest and remain under the radar.

Both sisters having lived sheltered and shielded lives having both spent their time during the War at Winsor Castle. It is therefore quite understandable why May 8th was of such significance for the two, allowing them to escape the Royal façade and fit in as civilians.

The crux of the documentary highlights the excitement and cheer of the nation, as even the Queen, Princess Margaret – her good friend and sister – who made for the perfect accomplice, could take part in the celebrations.

Said to be a heart-warming and true account of what happened on one special night almost 70 years ago to a Queen who has reigned supreme over the nation, joining in on the celebrations just like anybody else. It has to be said that here, at Boutique Life, we are most certainly looking forward to the documentary and will be glued to our screens for the duration.

Of the upcoming documentary, Chrissy mused, “I cannot wait. It’ll be like a step back in time, which the whole nation can embrace and enjoy – a time for remembering, a time for learning, and a time for family.”

‘The Queen’s Big Night Out’ airs 9pm Tuesday 28th on Channel 4.