Your favourite dragon this Saint Georges Day?

 Have you slain your favourite dragon this Saint Georges Day?

Good old Saint George is the Patron saint of England. His emblem is the Red Cross on Saint George on a white background and makes up a part of the Union Flag. St George was also adopted by Richard the Lionheart and the Knights Templars back in the 12th century. The King’s soldiers wore it over their chain mail so they could be recognised as friend or foe!

Saint George is also the patron saint of scouts, soldiers, archers, cavalry, and chivalry, farmers, riders and saddlers, and just in case any of you are suffering from any medieval illnesses such as leprosy, St George will also pray for you!

Saint George’s Day was once celebrated as widely as Christmas here in the UK. But by the end of the eighteenth century the events observance had waived.| the veritable feast of Saint George, is the country’s National Day. A time to be unashamedly British. But what is the fuss all about and where does the legend come from we did a little digging and came up with this!

According to the legend Saint George was said to be a Roman soldiers in the army and legend has it he slayed the dragon and in doing so saved a princess. So he is known as the dragon slayer! Saint George was actually born in Turkey around 280 ad, a rank and file soldier who rose through the ranks he became a personal guard to the Emperor Diocletian. Executed for being a Christian on April the 23rd he is buried in Israel in the town of Lod.

No longer a national day off,  St Georges Day still a very patriotic day for many of us Brits; the Cross of Saint George can be observed all over the country flying on flag poles on Church steeples and municipal buildings  all over the country, Saint George is celebrated on the 23rd April.

Typically the red rose is the flower associated with Saint George and it’s also our national flower here in the UK. It is the flower of the house of Lancaster which can be seen intertwined with the white rose of the House of York. The two warring families came together after having had a 100 years with each house. In the final victory on the battle of Bosworth Field, Henry Tudor won the battle over Richard III (he who was found under the car park recently) and was the last English King to die in battle. After winning this victory Henry Tudor married Elizabeth of York, uniting the two houses, which led up to an era known as “the Golden Age”…. History lesson over, just remember that if you’re meeting friends for a quiet drink after work don’t forget to wear your Red Rose….and see if they know as much as you about St George.

Feeling patriotic? Here’s how to have the perfect Saint Georges Day

  • If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that patriotic friend or family member, why not try sending a red rose and a lovely Saint Georges card. There are plenty available.
  • As for eating an entirely British menu the day should start with a full English breakfast of Course. Lunch could be roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and desert would definitely have to be Apple pie and cream! Or an English cream tea! All washed down with a pint of real Ale! Feel British or feel full?
  • Sing a really patriotic song… God Save the Queen of course and how about Jerusalem? See how many of your mates know the words? If you’re feeling particularly patriotic today how about a little verse by William Shakespeare.
  • Henry V, Act III Scene I…I see you stand like Greyhounds in the slips, Straining upon the start. The games afoot, Follow your spirit and upon this charge cry “God for Harry, England and Saint George!”

Remember also to send your MP an email and ask him to make the day a national holiday! After all the Americans have Independence Day, the French have Bastille Day, Ireland has St Patrick’s Day… So politely ask your MP to refer this to parliament there are many out there that want to follow suit. And don’t forget to use those delightful manners after all we are British!

Lastly how about follow the principles of Saint George. The 3 C’s,

Charity…Give to charity

Courage…Hold a worm or a spider

Chivalry… Buy your partner a Red rose