Australia Bans the Bunny!

The whole world loves those fury little creatures! The bunny is innocent aren’t they?

Well in Australia they have a different approach to the cute critters…

Rabbits have a major environmental impact on the environment and in most Australian states it is illegal to own a rabbit. Since European settlers first introduced the bunny to the wild, in order they would breed and provide food. They may have overlooked the fact that the little fur balls “bred like rabbits” destroying native fauna along the way.

The now massive population of bunnies have left a devastating mark on the land and have eroded native flora decimating it. In recent years the government and farmers have tried all sorts of ways of population control with fences and culling still not solving the problem.

So now a new move to promote the Easter Bilby has gained momentum, as a native to Australia the “bilby” is now appearing on shop shelves and alongside the chocolate Easter bunnies…A native to Australia the tiny rodent has a long nose and tail, with giant ears like that of a rabbit.