Cheltenham Festival

And they are off! The first day at Cheltenham Festival is under-way…

Cheltenham is a spa town situated perfectly on the edge of the Cotswold’s in the south of England, and is the home of the famous steeplechase horse racing, the Gold Cup and the main event the – Cheltenham Festival held annually in March. The town itself hosts several festivals of culture with many famous attendees going each and every year – it is very much a place to be seen and is itself apart of a fabulous British institution.

It’s almost time for the gates to open again for the 2015 four day Cheltenham festival, the number one race meeting in the world. The four day bash is home to some rather unique facts and figures… and even some brilliant quotes.

£3,900,000 Worth of prize money is on offer this year at the 2015 festival, it has the most jumps at any hunt meet.

On Gold Cup Day alone the Prize money is £1,050,000. Just on one day for the Cheltenham Gold Cup -and if you are feeling like a pint or two, think on this 236,472 pints of Guinness were consumed by thirsty spectators at last year’s festival. The festival usually runs alongside St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Ireland and a mass exodus of Irish fans estimated in numbers of 10,000 come and take their place to support the Irish Horses, trainers and jockeys …


  • The well-know airline company ‘Ryan Air’ are accommodating for the event with a reported 30 extra planes.
  • 8 Guinness bars will be drafted in for the four days festivities.
  • It has been said that the Cheltenham, festival is locally known as an “early St Patrick’s Day!”
  • 50,000 enthusiastic race goers go through the turnstiles in any one day at Cheltenham.
  • The famous festival has only been cancelled once since the end of the Second World War. Back in 2001 the government closed the race meet due to the foot and mouth outbreak. Costing the local economy a whopping £50 million.
  • The four day Festival will see a whopping 120,000 bottles of wine consumed!
  • 10,745 bottles of in house champagne drank by festival goers.
  • 45,000 bread rolls, 5 tonnes of fresh salmon, with 250 chefs brought in for the four day festival.
  • An extra 5,000 staff are needed, and 5,000 birch twigs used for the jumps.
  • Cheltenham is safer now than ever with fences downgraded for jockey and horse safety, and 22 fences will jumped during the Gold Cup Race.
  • An increase of 7,500 increase in people movement instead of the usual amount of 500. With 35,500 cars needing spaces.
  • An impact on the local economy of £50 million pounds.

In 2006 Irish horses had a resounding success with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place win in the Gold Cup … so well worth the mass exodus for the four days.