Proud to be British? We certainly are!

When Shakespeare wrote about “This England” in his play Richard III he wrote about England being a Happy Breed of men. And it’s certainly true we are a nation who love to laugh at themselves and the rest of the world with just a little pinch of salt. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, neither are we fools!

We ask what is about this little Island nation that the rest of the world loves so much. Is it our history? Oh yes definitely!

Is it our Royal family? Most certainly!

Our love of language and literature, of history and design? Of course it is!

The rest of the world would love a spoonful of what we have in abundance. But it’s more than that, we are a quirky independent and often”bolshy” nation. Set in our ways and awkward! Very definitely awkward! Determined and gritty, ingenious. Yet always ready to pick up the baton if we need to. We are a right Royal lot too! I mean a thousand years of Magna Carta and Monarchy, and a democracy to boot. Kings, Queens and Prime Ministers past and present we are a proper proud lot.

The Frenchie’s call us “The Roast Boefs” and it’s true we love a bit of Yorkshire pudding and gravy to go with it, Fish and Chips, High Tea and Pearly Queens. Football, Tennis and Darts, Polo is there anything we haven’t done?… Even www… was down to a Brit. We have it all and the rest of the world just can’t get enough.

Even our flag is iconic. The Union flag or as it’s incorrectly more commonly known the Union Jack. Created in 1606 by James VI of Scotland. He wanted a flag that brought the four corners of the nation together, after the death of Elizabeth 1st. Thus he combined the St George of England with the Saltire of Scotland. Heraldic rules dictate that the colours of red and blue cannot touch each other so a white border was added. The flag at first was designed to be used purely on the Kings own Ships, whilst the old flags were still to be used on land. When in 1707 Queen Anne proclaimed that the flag was to be used throughout Great Britain on land and at sea. In 1801 Ireland was unified to Great Britain and then the flag had to be redesigned with the flag of St Patrick added. I know what you’re thinking…  Wales where is Wales? Well simple terms wales had already been untied back in the day, the 13th century to be exact so it was already represented. So hello to the flag as we now know it!

By the way do take care when flying our nation’s flag,(if of course you have your own flag pole) whatever you do don’t hang it upside down. Yes there is a right and a wrong way. If you hang it upside down you never know, you may get Her Majesties troops turning up to rescue you as they did in the Boer war and in Colonial India. Then again if you wanted to insult the crown you could lése majésté as the French call it.  ( Article By CP)

Scepter’d Isle

This earth of majesty this seat of mars

This other Eden, demi-paradise

This fortress built by Nature itself

Against infection and the hand of war

This happy breed of men, this little world,

This precious stone set in the silver sea

Which serves it in the office of a wall,

Or a moat defensive to a house,

Against the envy of other lands,

This blessed plot, this earth, this realm this England.