Fudge – a deliciously happy accident

Fudge. This creamy confection is a popular addition in many of our food hampers, sweet hampers and Christmas gifts. A popular treat throughout the UK , with fudge shops galore permeating the delicious aroma of molten sugar across many seaside towns and tourist hot spots. Fudged it… they certainly did Selling such a fabulous product […]

Choosing a birthday gift

Birthdays are the perfect time to send gifts of love and affection to your loved ones, friends, family and colleagues. Giving gifts on someone’s birthday has been a long standing tradition, but choosing the right gift can, of course, be tricky. Things to think of while picking that perfect present; 1: Age We all go […]

How To Create A Bee House (Or Bee&Bee)

We recently wrote about the decline of Bees around the world and the affect it would have on us as a species and we received a lot of requests asking us to create a guide on how to build a Bee shelter we discussed. Creating a Bee shelter is a simple task that can be […]

The Importance Of Bee’s

The Importance Of Bee’s What would happen if all the bees were gone? It is estimated that one-third of all the food we consume is pollinated by bees. If bees were to go extinct, we would expect the apple, orange, coffee, chocolate and rapeseed oil industries to collapse in the short term while another insect […]

Introducing – Florist Choice Bouquets

Stuck on what to order? Our expert florists span the entire length and width of the UK and have years of experience behind them, ready to create the perfect bouquet for your loved ones, friends and family. By selecting one of the bouquets above you are letting the florist have complete artistic control over what […]

How to remove pollen stains from clothes and household items

So, you’ve received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and you feel so happy. In this stunning creation, there are maybe some flowers such as lilies that contain a lot of pollen. You maybe had a former bad experience with some pollen stains in your clothes or carpets. With our tips, this will soon no longer […]

It’s Competition Time

Name It, To Win It Let’s Play A Name Game – Name this bouquet for a chance to win. In two weeks we will announce the winner and hand deliver to one lucky recipient. To enter, simply comment with your choice of name, like this post and share with your friends. Head over to our […]

How To Write A Best Man Speech

How to write a best man speech? Since becoming best man for two weddings, I have had a lot of requests from friends and family for advice on writing a good best man speech and wanted to pen my ideas for people hoping to write a memorable speech in a world of viral videos and […]

What Flowers To Send This Mother’s Day

Flowers are a very touching sentiment, sent for many reasons, celebrations or occasions. Florists are said to be in the ‘birth, death and romance’ business and because of this, flowers are sent for many reasons. But what do the flowers that you send really mean and what should you be sending for Mother’s day? Rose –  Not just […]

Why 12 Red Roses? Valentine’s Flowers 2017

What is the significance of 12 red roses? So why do we send 12 Red roses for Valentine’s Day, and what is the significance? Ever wondered why in particular we heavily focus on one specific flower, one specific colour and 12 in particular – then here is why … Did you know that for years, […]